Saturday, 30 April 2011

Papercutting - Tiger stripes for a tiger boy!

My nephew is moving into his new room soon. To mark this change, I made a papercut of his name, cutting out the letters in orange and black, before 'carving out' holes in the orange to create tiger stripes for a tiger boy.

Painting - Apples

I did a short course on painting last year and nervous about my ability to paint, chose to paint some apples. I got sick of these apples last year, but didn't mind them so much when I took them out earlier this week. One or two more sessions and these apples should be done. I think they're quite charming.

Papercutting - Intimate Moments

One night at the VCA course, we had to bring in examples of our work. Having not painted for such a long time, I didn't have anything to bring in. I've always loved paper cutting, and quickly (we're still talking two days here) put this together. Hopefully I'll find some more images that appeal equally to me, and make a series of this.

VCA - Studio Arts Term 1

Various turns of events have ended up with me being enrolled in the VCA studio arts course, and in the painting stream!!!! The last time I painted regularly was sadly, about 10 years ago. This has left me feeling panicky about whether or not i'm able to paint and what will i produce this year??? Below are some of the things which have arise as a result of the course:

An acrylic painting based on a paper collage. My second go at acrylic paints and painted in one session.

This was the result of a masking activity, again using acrylic paints. The darkest blue is a bit too dark but i like the composition.

My first go at oil painting in a year. We learnt a blending technique. I've spent two sessions on this painting now and hopefully I'll get it done with a third session.

Life Drawing: No Vacancy - December 2010 and April 2011

Dave's been telling me off for not posting up the outpourings off my creativity (i.e. showing ppl my vomit). So here's some sketches from my last two life drawing sessions: 

Chloe in December 2010

Zoe in April 2011


a simple way to label an envelope