Friday, 21 May 2010

Scribble dump pt 2

Found some more scribbles

Not sure why I'm into lightbulbs at the moment

Imagine Penelope Crrrruz with a big head

girl in a lightbulb

Found the other designs I had for girl in a lightbulb.

A little bit freaky

Maybe too sexy?

Scribble dump

So the Shirt52 project is struggling along a bit. Haven't been scribbling enough lately.

Above: tinkering with the previous design I did of a hi-fi mermaid.

Above: ideas for a girl in a lightbulb painting I eventually want to do

Above: umm. ???

Monday, 3 May 2010

life drawing - week 18/2010

Being there before 6.30pm, I safely scored a spot at No Vacancy last week where we had the lovely model Chloe. On the night, I was dismayed with my efforts, but now they look fine. I'm still enjoying charcoal, but indian ink seems to work better when I start with charcoal.

On Sunday at Princess Hill, three girls burst into the studio late. We plonk ourselves on the floor and gaze up at our model who glares down at us. It's my first large female model. I think I like lithographic paper and dry pastel.