Tuesday, 7 July 2009

King's disciples - the mixtape

I had this idea to remix/mash-up Michael Jackson with the artists today most directly influenced by his model of singer/dancer/entertainer a little while back, and I've posted Billie Jean, Scream and I want you back previously on this blog. Since his passing I've rounded out the set with a few more tracks to make a complete mixtape. It's amazing how easily his music is transplanted into the current pop scene, although given the artists involved it's not all that surprising. Enjoy!

In memoriam - Michael Jackson 1958-2009

PS - Had to re-upload the mixtape after finding a couple of bloopers in U rock my world, which are now fixed. Also, the back cover doesn't list Clipse on Billie Jean, but they're in there and I hope they don't come and shoot me or something.