Thursday, 19 March 2009

Back to the boards

Made two new remixes, after a long hiatus.

This one is childish, but I couldn't resist -

Lily Allen feat Eminem - Fuck you, I just don't give a fuck

This one is me trying to turn Clipse into actual western cowboys, aside from the swaggering, pistol-toting drug dealers they already claim to be -

Ry Cooder feat Clipse and Britney Spears - When the last time (Nevada)

Trying a new file-sharing service and it should be much more reliable than zShare.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

wind catchers

i think the precision of a blade might be my first love in creativity. i made these wind catchers to replace the long torn paper wind catchers for these chimes.


i've taken up earring making again. it's the easiest way for me to play with colour.

waterpainting experiments

last august i took 10 days off work to stay at home, rejuvinate and to try and do something creative. oil painting requires more room than i have, so i tried waterpainting instead. these are two of the better pieces that i produced.

an experiment with colour:

an attempt at creating a portrait: