Monday, 3 March 2008

King's disciples

Michael Jackson ft Justin Timberlake and Clipse - Billie Jean (studiogypsy remix)

This is my musical response to the remixes that latch onto the 25th anniversary re-release of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', the biggest selling album of all time. Kanye West's version of 'Billie Jean' and's remix of 'The girl is mine' are passable efforts mostly because the respective producers are wise enough to get out of the way of the musical juggernaut of the 80s. When the producers decide to try to recreate the Santana new-school-meets-old-school vibe in 'Wanna be startin' something' (Akon) and 'Beat it' (Fergie via the results are what you expect: even 25 years on Jackson's electric vocals remind you why he was the king, and why Akon and Fergie will be remembered only as mere bumfarts from the colon of commercial pop.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

lotus + dragonflies

three of my favourite things are moons, lotuses and dragonflies. i drew the original sketch for this three years ago, but it took last christmas for me to cut it out of purple vinyl and stick it on my sliding door.