Thursday, 21 July 2011

LightCycle - joint project | cardboard city

In some sort of madness, last Friday and with only 6 days left in LightCycle,  I decided to see if I could enter the competition. Perhaps it was meant to be, because when I rang up - someone had just returned kit number 50 and it was mine for the taking.

The State of Design Festival has become a firm feature in mine and my brother's calendar; and given our recent successful creative partnerships, the obvious thing to do was to rope my brother-frustrated creative and willing participant into my plan.

The last 6 days have been utterly draining as we've scrambled to design and assemble an entry. Below is the results of our struggles. If you're interested you can hop along to the exhibition and vote for our entry. :D

Artists' Statement

Cardboard City 
Like a city block at night, this light embodies our hope that future cities will be built and breath in an environmentally sustainable way. Made out of ordinary recycled and recyclable materials: cardboard boxes, empty handtowel rolls and milk bottles; the light calls us to reconsider how we view and use everyday things and materials.
As the ‘buildings’ and 'floors' of this light are not fixed, the light open to individual customization. This reminds us that we each have the capacity to change and improve our world for the better: we only have to choose so.

Papercut in a rush - The Bleeding Forest