Wednesday, 15 September 2010

in the mood for murder

In May last year, Arthur wrote a little short story about my George and Beatnik as follows:

"Dear Diary,

I want to kill my friend George.
I haven't yet fully comprehended why this feeling is gushing out of me. All I know is that I will never be satisfied until I end him.
Is it his bovine features? His stupid blue scarf? The fact he has had only 2 baths his entire life?
Maybe is the incessant stream of sentences coming out of his mouth, talking about his 'supposed' girlfriend. Ha! As if a disgusting blob like him could ever get one.
Even when he's silent I want to slide a knife between his ribs. Watching his jaw move up and down as if he is chewing some imaginary cud is enough to make any sane man fill with blood lust.

I'm shaking with rage and nervous with anticipation. The moment will come soon and then George my friend. My only friend. You will die.

- Beatnik"

In  late December 2009, I was inspired enough to draw a little sketch of how this story could be brought to life, based on the bad teddy threadless t-shirt:

Nine months later, after a week of frentic activity, a crash course in drawing with MS Publisher, how to use Adobe Illustrator, and a lot of drawing with one finger on a touch pad I managed to convert my sketch into this:

Now to make it a t-shirt. :)